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Kunshan Hehai Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd was founded in September 2009, is a company specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of CNC machine tool service enterprise. The main production VMC series three hard rail cutting machining center, HL two line a hard rail economic processing center, TV series three line rail fast processing center, as well as GMC series Longmen machining center and HDX engraving and milling machine.

We have many years of special machine tool design and manufacturing experience, loyalty, trust, innovation, responsibility is the basic concept of the team, sincere service is the basis for a good partnership with the user to reduce costs, save time, is our purpose.

At the same time, Hohai company is an international brand ACE machine group China regional agency, the group consists of 10 subsidiaries, is the core layer of the 5 subsidiaries are: ACE Designers Ltd. (ACE) the company's main types of lathe CNC lathe; ACE Manufacturing Systems Ltd. (AMS) the company's main vertical and horizontal machining center; Micromatic Grinding Technologies Ltd. (MGT) technology, the main types of grinder grinder; PRAGATI automation PVT Ltd. (PRAGATI) production of various types of machine tool turret & knife; MICROMATIC machine tool company (market and service).

Designers Ace (referred to as Ace), since the beginning of the establishment of the new trend in the development of the new trend is expected to be in the right place, has been given priority to consider the latest technology. In 1986, Ace launched its first CNC lathe chuck type LC-16 to the market, it is recognized as the most sophisticated machine design and manufacture on IMTEX exhibition products. Peenya has a modern manufacturing facility in the Ace region of Bangalore, covering an area of 40000 square meters. In this very modern manufacturing plant, all of the important parts are the use of special modern CNC machine tools for internal processing. With five production lines, equipped with Germany, Italy, Japan's 8 face machining center, robot, horizontal machining center, CNC sheet metal processing equipment, through the introduction of assembly line, production capacity has been improved, so that faster delivery. 2007 ACE company has more than 500 employees, including engineers and technicians 218, with an annual capacity of 5500 sets of CNC machine tools.

AMS company was established in 1994, the main production of vertical and horizontal machining center, from the specifications on the large, medium and small, respectively, from the production type, from the product type is divided into two parts of the standard type machine tool and special machine tool. The assembly workshop has 6 assembly lines, which have the capability of producing 3500 CNC machine tools.

MGT grinding machine technology company was established in 1973, now the product range has covered cylindrical grinder, internal grinder and CNC universal cylindrical grinder, special purpose cylindrical grinder, now has 250 active employees and engineers, three total area of 14000 square meters of constant temperature factory, with reference to the world class manufacturing machine. Modern workshop is widely used and implemented ISO quality management, quality cycle, 5S, self inspection, etc..

Pla Gatti (PRAGATI) company, the company was founded in 1974, after 39 years of development, has become a professional knife tower and knife base functional parts manufacturers. At present, the company has four production bases, two in Bangalore, India, one in Mumbai, India, and one in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, china. Jiaxing is located in the Zhejiang Pula Getty machinery limited company with an annual output of 8000 units and 4000 units of turret knife production capacity, mainly for supporting in related machine China sales.

ACE has a well equipped distributor network in Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Thailand, China and the United States and other places to provide sales and service. In addition to these countries, Ace will also be exported to Brazil, Britain, the Middle East, South Korea, Spain, Arab, Arab, Japan and other countries.

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World's leading machine tool manufacturers

Our mission

As a member of the society, we will promote social development and benefit the society.

We provide a superior working environment for our employees to increase their sense of belonging.

We have a reliable quality, timely delivery, fast and effective service beyond customer expectations

Our value

Customer satisfaction

Cost benefit optimization

Reliable quality assurance

rational delegation of power

Business ethics and transparency



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