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Technical characteristics of CNC machine tools

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Technical characteristics of CNC machine tools

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CNC machine tools in today's world, industrial developed countries on the machine tool industry attaches great importance to the development of mechanical and electrical integration, high precision, high efficiency, high automation and advanced machine tools to speed up the development of industrial and national economy. For a long time, Europe, the United States, Asia in the international market to compete with each other, has formed an invisible front, especially with the development of microelectronics, computer technology, numerical control machine tool in 1980s after accelerating the development, the parties put forward more needs, has become the four major international machine tool manufacturers competing to showcase advanced technology, to expand the market focus. After China's entry into WTO, it is important to participate in the world market, and it is urgent and arduous to strengthen the machine tool industry and accelerate the development of CNC machine tool industry in the future.

Technical characteristics and development conditions of numerical control machine tools

1948 U.S. Air Force for the manufacture of aircraft parts, to provide equipment research funding, from the G&L company and MIT cooperation research for four years, in 1952, the world's first CNC milling machine, immediately produced 100 delivery of military use. The results show that it is the crystallization of the social demand, scientific and technological level, and the quality of the three.

Technical characteristics of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tool has the following three major characteristics:

Using binary math mode input processing can be programmed, spindle and feed speed can be changed according to the needs of processing techniques, and can realize multicoordinate linkage, easy processing complex surface. The processing object has the characteristic of "fickle and changeable and changeable", change the number of convenient adjustment, can realize miscellaneous pieces of many varieties of small batch production of products to meet the needs of flexible, diverse society. But the price is more expensive, need to analyze the economic rationality of its use;

With the combination of hardware and software, it can realize the function of information feedback, compensation, automatic and deceleration, which can further improve the machining precision, efficiency and automation degree;

It is a mechanical and electrical machine tool which is based on electronic control. It takes the advantage of micro electronics and computer technology into full play. It is easy to realize the information, intelligence and network. It can easily make up all kinds of advanced manufacturing systems, such as FTL, FA, FMS, and even CIMS.

Conditions for development of numerical control machine tools

Everything has its own characteristics and development conditions, it can accelerate the development of people. The development condition of numerical control machine tool mainly includes:

It is a comprehensive combination of machine, electricity, liquid, gas and light. In particular, it is the foundation of modern advanced technology such as electronic, computer and so on. If not available, it is difficult to develop the numerical control machine tool;

CNC machine tools by the host, a variety of components (functional components) and the three parts of the system, but also the need for advanced automation tool to achieve the processing, all aspects of technology, quality must be effectively, to ensure that the work is reliable, stable, to ensure the accuracy, efficiency and automation of the machine tool, otherwise, it is difficult to use in production;

It is the combination of social needs, scientific and technological level and the quality of the three, the lack of an. If the quality of personnel, the level of science and technology is not, it is difficult to meet the needs of society. Man is the main body of all activities, requires a variety of business experts, personnel and skilled workers, to cooperate with each other, to complete. Otherwise, NC machine tool is difficult to develop smoothly.

Main experience of developing CNC machine tools in industrial developed countries

CNC machine tools has been 50 years, with the technology, especially microelectronics, computer technology and the progress of continuous development. America, Germany and Japan are the most advanced and most advanced countries in the world. Because of their different social conditions, the characteristics of each.

The United States is characterized by the government attaches great importance to machine tool industry, the United States Department of defense and other departments continue to put forward the development direction of machine tools, scientific research tasks and to provide adequate funding, and the net world talent, special attention to efficiency and innovation, focus on basic research. So in the machine tool technology innovation, such as the world's first CNC machine tool in 1952, created a processing center in 1958, 70's early research into FMS, the first open CNC system in 1987, etc.. As the United States, the United States first, bearing production needs, fully developed a large number of automatic production line, and the electronic and computer technology in the world, so its host design, manufacturing and CNC system is solid, and has always been regarded as scientific research and innovation, so its high performance CNC machine tool technology in the world has been leading. Today, the United States not only the production of high performance CNC machine tools, such as aerospace, but also for small and medium enterprises to produce cheap and practical numerical control machine tools (such as Haas, Fadal, etc.). The lesson is that the emphasis on basic scientific research, ignoring the application of technology, and in the last century, the 80 generation of the government to relax the guidance, resulting in the increase in output of CNC machine tools, in 1982 was less than in Japan, and a large number of imports. From the 90's onwards, to correct the past bias, CNC machine tool technology to practical, production and gradually increased.

The German government has always attached importance to the strategic position of machine tool industry, in many ways to support. Pays special attention to "practical" and "effective", adhere to the "people-oriented" apprenticeship, constantly improve the quality of personnel. In the development of a large number of large quantities of production automation

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