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Machine tool industry rapid growth trend decline

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Machine tool industry rapid growth trend decline

Release date:2015-11-18 00:00 Source: Views:

CNC machine tool industry in the global machine tool industry rapid growth trend decline. From the Japanese situation, the rapid growth in orders in April, May consecutive decline, the main reason is that the decline in total overseas orders, from overseas orders in view of the absolute volume of May also appeared chain fell; we believe that the Japanese machine tool industry has been in the stage of rapid growth in order to enter a steady growth phase.

CNC machine tool output growth in May fell. Machine tool industry data show that the output growth rate in May reached 50%, below the level of 66% in April, the industry growth has declined, from the absolute value of output, the May data chain is still growing. We believe that the growth rate of CNC machine tool output in May fell is the industry's normal adjustment in the course of the boom.

Numerical control rate of micro amplitude decline. May China's machine tool industry numerical control rate of 26.3%, lower than 27.5% in April, we believe that the main reason for this phenomenon is that the demand for machine tools, but the growth rate of the general machine tool. Numerical control rate of 70% compared with the developed countries, still has a large room for improvement.

Downstream drivers are still strong. In May, China's auto output reached 1 million 450 thousand, a decline in April, but still maintain a high level. Recently, the major auto manufacturers have expanded production capacity, which is the industry boom of the machine tool to lay a solid demand foundation. We believe that in the long run will be an important fulcrum of China's domestic demand, we are optimistic about the development of the automotive industry, so as to favor the automotive industry's driving role in the machine tool industry.

Main raw material low operation. To steel as an example, after entering 2010, steel prices remain at a low price, which effectively expand the machine tool industry profit space. Recently, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel enterprises and other major steel companies have cut prices of steel products, which is good for the formation of the machine tool industry.

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