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Effective protection of machine tool equipment

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Effective protection of machine tool equipment

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The effective power of the motor is one of the important parameters in the CNC machine tool equipment. Using the Contact Contactron Phoenix motor controller, it can be used for accurate monitoring of this parameter, higher load and low load operation conditions can be detected immediately. As the motor controller can send out the alarm and maintenance in time, so that the machine tool can be effectively used to protect the machine tool, so that the availability of machine tools can be improved.

In industrial applications, the general motors are used to start the production. Under normal circumstances, it is protected by the electric current protector which is protected by the time of the current period, or by the protection of the motor protection switch which is based on the load. However, when the cooling fan of the motor is reversed, or when the cooler is blocked and can not achieve the normal cooling, the motor will be how?

FDT/DTM software for parameter assignment, fault diagnosis and production data acquisition

Current monitoring is often insufficient

There is no doubt that: when the motor temperature rise to a certain critical value, it will lead to the failure of the motor damage. As a solution, it can be used to install a thermistor in the windings of the motor, and the thermal resistance can be connected with the control switch of the motor current when the motor temperature is too high. The thermal resistance and the temperature control switch together constitute the comprehensive protection of the motor. However, this protection scheme has little protective effect on its subsequent mechanical equipment or mechanical structure, and can not be avoided.

The main reason for the failure of the motor is: many users to reduce the inventory, the reserve of the motor variant is too small. In practice, about 90% of the motor's working load only reached the rated power of 60% ~ 40%, are not in the best working characteristics of the scope of work. Over current protection device is set according to the motor rated power of motor nameplate, is set up according to the parameters in the best working range of the motor characteristics. When the load is changed, the change of the power factor and efficiency can be reflected in the power factor and efficiency. In spite of this, the mechanical device may still be overloaded, and the pure current monitoring system does not show the problem. This will cause serious consequences for the machine tool equipment: the motor drives the mechanical device severely damaged, expensive.

Detection of effective power to improve the protection of machine tool equipment

Contact Contactron Phoenix series motor controller with an effective power of the collector, the motor and machine tool equipment for protection (Figure 1). Since the entire power range of the motor is only valid for a linear change, the output torque of the motor can be obtained at any time by such a linear change. On the other hand, the power factor of the two parameters can be used to protect the motor only when the power factor is over current and low load. The motor manager monitors all of the variables, such as current, voltage, and power factor, and calculates the effective power of the detected data after the 6.6ms, and thus can also be able to determine the load changes that are very short.

According to this method, it can send out alarming information quickly, or cut off the power source of the machine tool. The data that can be drawn from the motor running curve can reflect the working condition of the machine tool, and it clearly shows the difference between the theoretical observation data and the theoretical calculation data. Use of this Contactron motor manager, all installed in the motor machine tool equipment and equipment, such as bearings, mechanical parts, such as the effective power can be taken into account and display, and can quickly give security (Figure 2). Compared with the pure current protection, monitoring based on effective power can also play a role in the protection of the safety of the low load, such as the loss of the oil pump operation, etc., to complete a long time to complete the task with the use of effective power monitor.

Save the start running curve is an important information on the status of the device operation, because the device can be used as a reference for aging, dirt or wear condition. Using this curve, the upper and lower limit values of all the monitoring parameters and the corresponding alarm, prompting or cutting off power and parameter assignment can be accurately determined. The parameter assignment of the manager is to use the DTM (device type manager) software to make use of the motor manager to be compatible with the FDT (field device tool), such as Contact Phoenix, the company's automation management software AutomationXplorer. In this way, the motor controller can be integrated and stably integrated into a variety of engineering and technical tools or control systems.

Only effective power allows monitoring of the entire range of machine tool equipment and the lower limit load. As the protection switch of machine tool equipment, it ensures the machine tool equipment has a very high availability, so it also ensures the high production capacity. Use its effective power monitoring function, so that it can be found in the use of the process of failure and interference, so as to avoid equipment downtime. As the basis for the calculation of the technical data, the electrical data are obtained from the electric motor and sensor. Time consuming additional sensing

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