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How to choose the CNC machining center

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How to choose the CNC machining center

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Three wire machining center is a kind of advanced processing equipment, which has been widely used in high precision, high reliability, high efficiency, and can be used for machining complex curved surface. But if the improper selection, it can not play its due benefits, and so that a large number of capital backlog, thus generating a risk. The broad selection mainly includes the choice of models, numerical control system, machine tool accuracy, the selection of main characteristic and so on. The choice of the model and the choice of the numerical control system, machine tool accuracy and the main characteristics of the selection of the main characteristics, it is to reduce the risk of selection, can be from the following several aspects.

One, model selection

In the premise of meeting the requirements of the processing technology, the more simple the risk, the machining center and CNC lathe can be machined shaft parts, but a meeting of the same processing specifications of the turning center price than the numerical control lathe more than several times, if there is no further process requirements, will choose CNC lathe less risk. In the same type of economy and general type numerical control lathe, we should choose the economical numerical control lathe. In the processing box, cavity, mold parts, the same specifications of CNC milling machine and machining center can meet the basic requirements, but the price difference between the two types of machine tools, such as gas source, knife, and other ancillary costs, so only a very frequent tool for machining center, fixed a long time milling, CNC milling machine. At present, many machining centers are used for numerical control milling machine. CNC lathes can process the parts of a common lathe can also be processed, but the numerical control milling machine can process the part of the general milling machine can not be processed, so in both axis and box type parts of the integrated machine processing enterprises should give priority to CNC milling machine.

Two, numerical control system choice

In the purchase of CNC processing center, the same kind of machine tool body can be configured a variety of CNC system. In the system, the performance is very different, which directly affects the price of the equipment. At present, there are many kinds of numerical control system, which is mainly composed of FANUC, SINUMERIK, MITSUBISHI,, NUM, FIDIA, FAGOR, Italy, American A-B and so on. The domestic system mainly has the Guangzhou system, the space system, the central China system, the Liaoning blue sky system, the Nanjing natural system, the northern Cage system, the Tsinghua system, the KND system, each company has a series of various specifications of products. The basic principle of reducing the risk of numerical control system selection is: the performance price ratio is big, the use of maintenance is convenient, the market life of the system is long. Therefore, we can not pursue the high level and the new system. And it should be based on the main performance of the host, the system performance and price, etc., a comprehensive analysis, the selection of appropriate system. At the same time, we should choose the traditional closed system architecture of the CNC system or PC embedded NC structure of the CNC system, because the function of this system is to expand, change and maintenance are required to use the system suppliers. We should choose the NC embedded PC structure or SOFT structure of open CNC system, this system of CNC software are all installed in the computer, and the hardware part of the standard is only between computer and servo drive and external 1/O interface, like a computer can be installed on a variety of card, graphics card and the corresponding driver, users can use the open CNC core, the development of the required functions, constitute a variety of CNC system. In addition to the basic functions of the CNC system, there are a lot of options, the user can according to their own workpiece processing requirements, measurement requirements, the preparation of procedures, etc., and then select some additional features included in the purchase contract annex, especially real-time transmission of DNC functions, etc..

Three, precision selection

The accuracy level of CNC machining center depends on the machining accuracy of the typical parts. Precision inspection items CNC machining center are 20~30, but the most characteristic of the project is: single axis positioning accuracy, repetitive positioning accuracy, more than two linkage processing specimens of roundness. The accuracy of the positioning accuracy and the repeatability of the positioning accuracy of the axis of each moving part. Single axis positioning accuracy is the error range of any one point location within the shaft. It directly reflects the machining accuracy of the machine tool, and the accuracy of the positioning is a reflection of the positioning stability of the shaft at any position. This is the basic index to measure the stability and reliability of the shaft. In the above two indicators, repeat positioning accuracy is particularly important. At present, there are plenty of error compensation function in the numerical control system, which can compensate the error of the system. Such as pitch error and accumulated error can be compensated by pitch compensation, the reverse of the feed drive chain can be eliminated by the reverse gap compensation.

But the error compensation function of electronic control is not possible to compensate the random error (such as the variation of the gap, elastic deformation and contact stiffness of the transmission link). They are often reflected by the load size, the length of the moving distance, the speed of the moving speed and so on. In some open loop and semi closed loop feed servo system, the mechanical driving components are influenced by various contingency factors, and there are considerable random errors. Therefore, the reasonable choice of the location accuracy can greatly reduce the accuracy of the choice of risk. The cylindrical surface milling or milling precision screw groove (thread) is a comprehensive evaluation of the accuracy of CNC machine tool shaft (or two

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