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CNC machining center related issues

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CNC machining center related issues

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CNC machining centers, such as different CNC machine tools (such as different CNC machine tools, machining centers, machining center, machining center, machining center, Longmen machining center, drilling and tapping machine, etc.) are not identical, they also use different materials, and they have different materials, different tools, such as the 16 knives, and line rail machining center are equipped with 24 knives. Summary of the production process, the relevant numerical control machining process, process, often Some experience center monitoring and other aspects of the selection of parameters, the tool used in the machining process, for your reference

Question: how to divide the processing procedure?

A: NC machining process can be divided by the following methods:

(1) the cutting tool concentration sequence method is to use the tool to divide the process, with the same tool to finish all parts of the parts can be completed. In the third, they can complete the dabbler in other parts of the. This can reduce the number of times, the compression of the time, reduce the unnecessary positioning error.

(2) in order to process the parts of the processing parts, the parts can be divided into several parts according to the structure characteristics, such as the inner form, the shape, the surface or the plane. Generally, the machining plane, the positioning surface, the machining hole; the simple geometry, and then the complex geometry of the processing, the processing precision is lower, and the higher precision is required.

(3) the coarse and fine processing method for machining deformation of parts, due to rough machining may occur after the deformation and the need for school form, so generally speaking, where to rough, fine processing must be separated.

To sum up, in the process of division, we must regard the structure and process of the parts, CNC machining center machine tool function, the number of parts NC machining, the number of installation and the production organization of the unit of the unit. It is also suggested that the principle of the procedure concentration should be used to determine the principle of the dispersion of the process.

Two. Q: what principles should be followed in the processing sequence?

Answer: the processing sequence of the arrangement should be based on the structure of the parts and the rough situation, as well as the need to clamp the location of the need to consider, the focus is not on the rigidity of the workpiece. The order is generally carried out by the following principles:

(1) the process of the upper working procedure can not affect the positioning and clamping of the next process.

(2) first, the inner cavity machining sequence, then the shape processing procedure.

(3) in the same location, clamping method or the same as the process of processing the best connection to the process, in order to reduce the number of repeat positioning, for the number of times and the number of mobile.

(4) in the same installation process, the multi - step process shall be arranged for the work of a small piece of rigidity.

Three. Q: in the CNC processing center of the workpiece clamping method to determine how many aspects should be paid attention to?

A: in determining the positioning reference and clamping plan should pay attention to the following three points:

(1) the design, process, and programming of the basis for the calculation of the uniform.

(2) try to reduce the number of loading, as far as possible in a position to be able to process all the processed surface.

3) to avoid the use of manual adjustment program.

(4) to open the fixture, positioning, clamping mechanism can not affect the processing of the tool (such as collision), encountered such a situation, can be used in a vise or plate screw clamping way pumping.

Four. Q: how to determine the CNC machining center of the knife point is reasonable? What is the relationship between the workpiece coordinate system and the programming coordinate system?

1 knife point can be located in the parts to be processed, but attention must be a reference tool or processed parts, sometimes in the process after the first tool process is destroyed, will cause the knife point second steps and then impossible to find, so in the first step of the knife in and pay attention to the locating datum have relatively fixed size relations where setting up a relative setting position, it can according to the relative position of the relationship between them back the original knife point. The relative to the setting position is usually located in the machine table or fixture. The selection principle is as follows:

1) find it easy.

2) programming convenience.

3) small tool setting error.

4) the process is convenient and reliable.

2 the workpiece coordinate origin position is set by the operator, it is setup in the workpiece, the tool is determined, it reflects the distance relationship between the position of workpiece and machine tool is zero. Once the workpiece coordinate system is fixed, it is generally not changed. The workpiece coordinate system and the programming coordinate system must be unified.

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