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Analysis of global machine tool industry

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Analysis of global machine tool industry

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As one of the main characteristics of machine tools, CNC machine tool is one of the main characteristics of machine tools, which has been the goal of the global machine tool industry. Micro nano era, the intelligent technology of machine tool industry is currently the application of fruits. In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry has made great progress, the rapid growth of economies of scale gradually, consecutive years ranked first in the world.

In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry has made great progress, the rapid growth of economies of scale gradually, consecutive years ranked first in the world. Chen Huiren said that in the field of high-end products, China has achieved a breakthrough in the high-end machine tool products, the main specifications of the product variety is not able to do the basic realization of the upgrade and across, at the same time, the company's comprehensive quality has been generally improved, a number of strong market competitiveness of enterprises began to emerge.

Although the macroeconomic development of the situation has a favorable side, but in 2013 the international economic situation is still complicated. China's economy will be from high speed growth to moderate and stable growth, the overall is in the stage of adjustment.

1, fixed asset investment in the machine tool industry is still insufficient. Real estate regulation policies affecting the mechanical industry and the machine tool industry recovery. Equipment manufacturing and related industries are still not strong enough for the equipment manufacturing industry and the machine tool industry. Equipment manufacturing investment intentions weakened;

2, the structural adjustment is slow, business difficulties. Enterprise funds occupy a prominent phenomenon. Social liquidity shortage, business accounts receivable increased, serious impact on normal operations. Machine tool industry industrial structure is irrational, the low end product production capacity, leading to enterprise inventory, social inventory increase. To inventory, to production capacity will lead to industrial output value and other economic indicators in the machine tool industry, in a certain period of time will show a low or negative growth state;

3, external demand uncertainties still exist. Global economic recovery is still fragile. The end of 2012, the world economic situation has improved, but the European debt crisis and other factors may cause the global economy to fall into recession again;

4, the traditional industrial products export competitive advantage. In recent years, the rapid rise in labor costs in china. Compared with the Southeast Asian countries, China's labor costs are high, resulting in the recent partial labor intensive industries to the periphery of the transfer momentum. This indicates that in the next period of time, our country's export situation is still grim, not sure factors still exist.

Intelligent information technology, system control technology, electronic technology, electronic technology, communication technology, sensor technology, software technology and expert system for the purpose of the high level of control technology, is to achieve the important technical basis for digital chemical plant. All kinds of industrial robots and machine tools are integrated application examples and fully display the status of the industrial robot arises, new processes, rapid development, and the combination of CNC machine tool brings technical advantages and market prospects. Numerical control technology is the core technology of advanced manufacturing technology, its overall level marks the level of a country's industrial modernization and comprehensive national strength, with strategic material status beyond its economic value. We want to become a powerful tool, and a long way to go.

The energy field of the large-scale power generation, transmission and distribution equipment, large-scale petrochemical and coal chemical plant needs a large number of heavy, precise, efficient, dedicated, multi axis NC machining manufacturing. A heavy, double, and other energy equipment enterprises, such as electricity, many of the key parts of their own production, the high-end machine tool products have great demand. It is reported that the demand for power equipment manufacturing machine tool specifically reflected in the power and nuclear power of the turbine cylinder, turbine rotor and blade; generator stator and rotor; nuclear heating switches and orifice plate.

On the one hand, machine tool as the tool of equipment manufacturing, energy equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade the basic guarantee. On the other hand, the energy equipment industry has a strong pull effect on the machine tool industry, can help machine tool industry to achieve industrial structure optimization and upgrading. Experts said that in the energy equipment and other important industries, the domestic machine tool industry industry structure and product structure has emerged a number of promising trends: such as production line manufacturing technology and application areas to achieve new progress as manufacturing equipment of a wide range of major machines, machining center in the performance of high speed, precision, precision machine tools into micro nano era, intelligent technology is widely used, industrial robot industry rapid development, intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation key technologies and important products.

National Energy Bureau official also said that in the process of structural adjustment and technological progress in the energy industry, can pull domestic machine tool products, domestic processing equipment technology progress. Machine tool industry can ask energy companies to talk about demand, talk about the processing of products, processing technology and requirements, the supply and demand docking, and then determine the demonstration projects and relying on the unit.

2013 China's machine tool industry continued the development trend in the second half of 2012, the growth rate continued to slow down, the domestic market downturn. Domestic demand for low-end products decreased significantly, the high level of import operation. Product structure and market demand is more prominent. While the military field, energy equipment, and other fields are considered to boost the development of the machine tool industry in our country, to realize the important driving force of industrial structure adjustment.

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