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CNC machine tool industry has ushered in a new start

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CNC machine tool industry has ushered in a new start

Release date:2015-11-18 00:00 Source: Views:

CNC machine tool industry from the second half of last year, originally the gradual recovery of the world economy, and the situation projection, first in Iceland, the Greek economy is on the verge of bankruptcy, after sweeping the euro zone countries, Portugal, Spain and Italy's sovereign debt crisis, and then to the earthquake in Japan in March, and the United States due to poor economic prospects and the huge debt led to sovereign debt rating by standard & Poor's cut, frequently appeared in the "black swan" in the global capital market turbulence, this series of events makes the already fragile world economy one disaster after another, uncertain factors increase, many economists including the famous "Dr. doom" Roubini, even predicted the world economy two the bottom will be inevitable.

Of course, in the current global financial crisis is not completely over, the world's economic prospects for the uncertain factors of complex and volatile situation, China's machine tool industry how to deal with, is placed in front of us a problem. Ministry of industry and information Miao Wei, China's machine tool industry association, the four session of the sixth standing director of the speech pointed out that China's machine tool industry should pay attention to the combination of the first three, is to work with the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan", and the industrial structure adjustment plan; second combination, to develop strategic emerging industries with the combination of third, to combine with the machine tool industry.

With the industrial structure adjustment plan, is to pay close attention to the downstream user industry needs and development, to meet the needs of its forward. "Eleven five" period of China's automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding and other major users of machine tool industry is developing rapidly, "1025" and a long period in the future, the machine tool, especially the demand for high-end CNC machine tools will increase. Such as C919 large aircraft project, the total investment reached 200 billion yuan, which is used in the construction of manufacturing capacity is expected to be 30 billion yuan investment. Its high demand for high-end machine tools, whether it is processing accuracy requirements, or special-shaped complex machining surface and difficult to process materials, are unmatched by other fields, including high-speed, precision, high efficiency, complex CNC machine tools, five axis machining center and other key manufacturing equipment, as well as modern efficient cutting tools, are its urgent equipment. Ship industry, following the replacement of China, South Korea, become the world's largest shipbuilding country, China's shipbuilding industry continues to grow steadily, in the first half of this year, the shipbuilding capacity of 30 million 920 thousand tons, 21 million 600 thousand tons of new orders. Plan to 2015, to form the development and construction of high technology and high value-added ships of the annual shipbuilding capacity of 28 million deadweight tons, the annual output of 22 million tons deadweight; marine low speed diesel engine, the annual production capacity reached 6 million kilowatts and 1200 units. Shipbuilding enterprises have heavy and super heavy high-end CNC machine tools, such as door boring and milling machine, CNC boring and milling machine, CNC boring milling machine five, crankshaft milling center, large crankshaft grinder and sheet metal processing equipment, for the further development of machine tool industry has brought great opportunities.

As the machine tool industry (CNC machining center, the largest user of the automotive industry, after years of rapid growth, China has become the world's number one car producer and the largest consumer of cars. Compared with the world's per capita car ownership, China's per capita car consumption still has a lot of room to rise, therefore, the future of the automotive industry will be the pillar industry of our country, will remain stable and rapid growth. The future of China's auto industry will invest huge sums of money to expand production capacity, the transformation of the existing car production line. A large number of high speed, high efficiency and high reliability of CNC machine tools are required by the automobile industry.

As one of strategic emerging industries, new energy industry, such as wind power, hydropower, nuclear power and other projects, the need for a large number of high reliability, large size, high stiffness of CNC machine tools, such as heavy-duty CNC Longmen boring and milling machine, heavy duty CNC Floor Boring and milling machine, heavy duty vertical lathe, leaf blade processing machine tool and Ye Gencao special machine tools, etc..

Comprehensive analysis of the needs of our country's CNC processing center industry in the impact of the financial crisis, will usher in a new round of more healthy and healthy development period. And the Yangtze River Delta region of China's economy and manufacturing center, assembled cars, ships, aerospace, new energy and other large industrial clusters, including Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Nanjing Yi Weike, Geely Automobile, Chery automobile, An Kai and Jianghuai Automobile Enterprises and with auto parts enterprises in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Estuary Changxing Island, a giant ship pitch camp group under the Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong Zhonghua shipyard, Shanghai Waigaoqiao shipyard Shanghai shipyard and a large number of domestic shipbuilding industry. These enterprises in the industry of machine tool demand for large, high demand, in the objective of the overall level of the CNC processing center in China has played a powerful role in promoting.

A bridge of communication and cooperation to create efficient procurement trading platform was founded in the end of the last century Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition, has always been adhering to the "common achievements, win the future" the purpose, commitment to the bridge between the machine tool industry and downstream users to set up contact and communication, build an efficient machine procurement trading platform. Relying on Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle of the geographical location advantages, richly endowed by nature, more than a decade, at all levels of government and community care, the majority of exhibitors for their support and help the effort, the Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition from small to large, from weak to strong, the growth of the country's two largest international

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