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CNC machining center CNC machine of eighteen Arhats

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CNC machining center CNC machine of eighteen Arhats

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Three line machining center mentioned eighteen Arhats you think is not the TV inside those smiling, round like Buddha, in fact, you do not know, this "Eighteen Arhats" is actually five of the last century, sixty people in the image of the domestic machine tool industry leader in enterprise metaphor, once brilliant, always remembering great recall enterprises and individual people of that era for China's machine tool industry has made outstanding contributions. More than half a century later, today, China's machine tool industry as with other areas, the earth-shaking changes change, has made remarkable achievements. Especially the reform and opening up in recent years, the machine tool industry as the "machine tool manufacturing industry, the rapid growth of a large number of enterprises, Shen machine group, Dalian machine tool, machine tool, machine, Qi two and other industry leaders and achieved fruitful results, won the broad market and reputation at home and abroad, especially in heavy and large CNC machine tools, especially. This case be too numerous to enumerate, meet the eye everywhere.

For emerging industry research and development of the market is in urgent need of high-end machine tool

In 2010 "China machinery industry science and Technology Award" three products as an example, the past few years, China's machine tool industry, hard skills, for the automotive, aerospace, new energy and other industries are badly in need of major equipment, and actively research and made great achievements.

Such as Shanghai Machine Tool Factory Co., Ltd. "for the steel and automotive industry of high - grade CNC grinding machine key technology and equipment development" project, is the development of the steel industry, the development of large - sized steel rolling mill. Among them, the country's largest can top 250 tons of heavy duty CNC roll grinding machine, was included in the national high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, technology and major projects, the project has been successfully passed the expert group acceptance.

In the development process of the project, made seven innovative achievements, they are: ultra heavy roll top grinding process, high performance and large roller frame structure design, the on-line precision measurement, heavy-duty bearing large refining technology, heavy roll grinding machines, CNC roll grinder structure design of micro feed system research with the development of roller grinding, control software development and implementation process of NC. Project has been declared and awarded the national invention patents 8, 6 utility model patents.

The project has also become the "master" laid the golden eggs, the development process, the company has mastered the core technology development of heavy roller grinder, completed the development and testing platform for heavy duty roller grinding machine, research and development and production base of heavy roll, laid the foundation for the domestic technical level of the industry upgrade grinder.

With the economy "won the first prize of two machine dragon door torque machine spindle key technology of five axis CNC machine tools and equipment, with five axis heavy cutting characteristics of advanced, precise machining can complete complex three-dimensional surface, improve the machined workpiece surface smoothness and precision, meet the needs of the Three Gorges Project and large power projects, ships, military and other industries of the major project construction in china. The project is China's first sets of major projects.

For a long time, the water turbine blade processing equipment for large hydropower projects in China has been relying on imports, the project successfully developed, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. In the past, the core technology of mechanical transmission five axis linkage is only a few developed countries, the large water power generation equipment, water conservancy and transportation equipment, marine propeller, automobile mold and other complex surface of high precision, heavy cutting process, national key investment projects in the key parts of the south to North Water diversion project, the Three Gorges water conservancy, west east gas transmission and other key parts of the processing, are in urgent need of this machine tool.

At the Jiangxi Jack machine developed the key technology of high speed precision grinding and special-shaped parts speed servo CNC grinding machine, and the high speed CNC machining center, the two projects invented new shaped shaft parts with high precision grinding method and grinding head grinding surface group profiled composite method, the ultra high speed grinding process with the automatic NC programming system software development, developed the implementation of super-high speed grinding cylindrical hydrostatic guideway and the linear motor system, the dynamic and static pressure bearing liquid high speed spindle, high precision special-shaped composite surface servo CNC grinding machine with ultra high speed CBN servo CNC grinding machine is developed, and the realization of the industry of. The Appraisal Committee Zhou Qin etc. academicians, experts agreed that the "two kinds of equipment, research and development of high starting point of the project, strong innovation by the Federation of Chinese machinery industry, the overall technology in the international advanced level."

The CNC machining center provides a high efficiency, precision and flexibility for the manufacturing of large, irregular and complex parts of the tank, armored vehicle, submarine, automobile, aircraft and ship in the field of national defense and military industry. Project technology and R & D hydrostatic guideway linear motor feed system of multi head group processing technology, servo grinding technology, high-speed grinding technology and common features, can be widely applied in high speed grinding machine, cylindrical surface and centreless grinder and various universal crankshaft, piston, piston rings and other precision parts that provides efficient, precise and flexible theory, method and technology for grinding. Can realize the substitution import, the large margin enhances our country high grade numerical control grinding equipment to participate in the international market competition ability.

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