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Mould machine tool equipment manufacturing industry need to take the road of reform and innovation

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Mould machine tool equipment manufacturing industry need to take the road of reform and innovation

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CNC machine tool equipment manufacturing industry plays an important role in our country's economic development. Its level and degree of modernization determines the level and degree of the whole national economy. In order to achieve greater development, we should take the road of reform.

International Mould Association Secretary General, Jinmo net CEO Luo Baihui think: die machine equipment manufacturing industry is the national economy's machine tool industry, is the most basic link in the whole manufacturing industry. China has also made efforts to revitalize the mold machine tool equipment manufacturing industry, in March this year, the introduction of the national old industrial base adjustment and reform plan (2013-2022) has been concerned. However, at present the mold machine tool industry there are still some problems, the reform of the road long way to go.

Because of the large automobile mould manufacturing, machine tool equipment manufacturing industry mostly concentrated in Central China, Northeast China, its complete sets of equipment product development, manufacturing capacity in the domestic leading level, heavy equipment products in the country has irreplaceable position. But many state-owned enterprises in the management of innovation, institutional innovation and other aspects still face challenges. First of all, many state-owned enterprises in the local social responsibility to solve local employment, which will bring redundancy and management difficulties, may cause although many state-owned enterprises have more personnel than work available, the basic form of distribution pattern, but do Jiangqinfalan Jiangyoufalie, there is a great difficulty, therefore, no vitality of the situation caused by a pool of stagnant water.

Secondly, the innovation ability of large mold equipment manufacturing industry is weak. Innovation and adjustment is a long-term process, not in the short term will be able to work, at this stage the domestic precision automotive mold R & D technology is a lot of foreign monopoly, to a large extent, the need to spend huge amounts of money to introduce foreign technology or equipment,

Third, because the mold equipment manufacturing industry covers a heavy machine tool equipment, especially major equipment, basically by the state-owned enterprises, private capital to the equipment industry, the penetration of the ownership structure is single, the mechanism is rigid, low efficiency, but also hinder the reform of machine tool industry road.

Luo Baihui stressed that, as a pillar of economic and social development, strategic industry, mold machine tool equipment manufacturing industry has always been a national comprehensive national strength and technical level of the important manifestation. On the road of reform, the adjustment of industrial structure is imperative, enterprises should carry out self innovation, management innovation, talent system innovation, corporate culture innovation, the country should also be appropriate to release the entry threshold of major equipment manufacturing industry, promote the smooth transition and upgrading of the industry.

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