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European machine tool demand downturn machine center or will shift China

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European machine tool demand downturn machine center or will shift China

Release date:2015-11-18 00:00 Source: Views:

Since the financial crisis broke out, the machine tool industry in the CNC machine tool industry has been plagued by credit crunch and financing channels, and economic uncertainty has damaged the enterprise investment enthusiasm. At the same time, the strict financial institutions credit standards so that small and medium enterprises can not finance. The dual factors lead to insufficient domestic demand in the machine tool market in Europe, which severely restricts the development of the machine tool industry in Europe.

Due to the inherent technical advantages, the machine tool exports in Europe still maintain a certain upward trend. European machine tool in the international market has a clear competitive advantage, the trade surplus of 10 billion 500 million euros in 2012. At the same time, by the European business confidence to reduce the impact of the European machine tool market demand last year to reduce 2%.

2012 the European machine tool industry presents the characteristics of good export performance and weak internal demand, future growth will be more dependent on foreign orders. The machine to reduce the investment reflect European companies are cautious about the prospects for development, especially in southern Europe production decline. With the slowdown in the European manufacturing industry, the 2012 European internal machine tool orders are expected to be reduced by $99 million 330 thousand compared to 2011.

"If the amount of production increased by 1%, the second half of the order must be flat. The expectation is once again focused on expanding the Asian market." The Champions League Asian Manufacturing Director General Luo Baihui pointed out that, as the German machine tool industry's largest market, the rapid growth of economy is a trend which cannot be halted Chinese. Recent major support for the portal - North America, this year will remain stable market situation. And Russia, due to the strong demand for its domestic industrial sector, will continue to be attractive to customers.

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