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Vigorously implement the brand strategy to enhance the core competitiveness of machine tools

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Vigorously implement the brand strategy to enhance the core competitiveness of machine tools

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CNC machine tool experts pointed out that China's machine tool industry need to focus on improving the independent innovation capability of machine tools, the combination of technological innovation and market demand, technological innovation, strengthening technological innovation in the process of technological transformation, and then realize the benign cycle of innovation and technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

At present, China's machine tool and foreign machine tool in the reliability, digital manufacturing, key parts and other gaps still exist, China's machine tool industry in urgent need of technological innovation and enhance the competitiveness of the international market, innovation will become the main mode of machine tool industry profitability.

Improve the ability of independent innovation

Strengthen the construction of industrial technology innovation system, guide the establishment of machine tool enterprises as the main body, market oriented, production, learning, research, with the combination of industrial innovation system, support the development of industrial transformation and upgrading of key common technology, the introduction of a wide range of market prospects, technology, product efficiency and good new technology.

At the same time, to diversify the establishment of government, enterprises and scientific research institutes and related institutions such as education investment mechanism, take measures to increase technological innovation investment. Focus on brand building, vigorously implement the brand driven strategy, focusing on the development of high technology content, high added value, the market has the potential of brand products.

To speed up the development of talents

Establish and improve the work performance closely linked, to encourage the creation of the distribution system and incentive mechanism, to explore the establishment of a system of paid transfer of human capital and scientific research. Encourage machine tool companies through a variety of forms to attract international and domestic outstanding scientific and technical personnel. Gradually implement the professional manager system and the agent system, strengthen the machine tool business managers training, to create a good business, good management of the machine tool entrepreneurs. Strengthen the demand forecast of industry and technology talents, accelerate the training of advanced skills in production, construction, service line.

Foster leading machine tool enterprise

The vitality of leading enterprises in industrial development, product quality, business management and other aspects of the machine has strong direction, demonstration, guidance and leading, industrial transformation and upgrading technology, can promote the development of the same or similar and related industries.

Therefore, we should fully support and foster leading enterprises in the industry, so that the core of industrial progress, stimulate the vitality of industrial transformation and upgrading. Insist on training the great Yu Qiang and attracting large and strong measures, focusing on guidance, service, support the development of leading enterprise in the industry. Encourage leading enterprises to adopt a variety of ways, for its supporting the upstream and downstream enterprises to carry out the restructuring, transformation, and some of the supporting parts and specific production process to separate out, form and develop a number of professional supporting enterprises.

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