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Significance of numerical control transformation of machine tool

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Significance of numerical control transformation of machine tool

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CNC machine tool 1) save money. Machine tool numerical control transformation with the purchase of a new machine tool can save about 60% of the cost, large and special equipment is particularly evident. General large-scale machine tool transformation only need to spend a new machine tool purchase cost of 1/3. Even if the original structure of the original machine tool to complete the upgrade will only be spent to buy 60% of the new machine tool, and can use the existing foundation.

2) stable and reliable performance. Because of the long-term aging of the original machine tool, it will not affect the accuracy of stress and deformation.

3) improve production efficiency. The machine tool can realize the automatic efficiency of the machine tool after numerical control transformation can be improved 3 to 5 times compared with the traditional machine tool. For complex parts, the more difficult the more difficult the more efficient the more. And can not be used or less labor, not only save the cost and can shorten the production preparation cycle.

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