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CNC machine tool maintenance is very important

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CNC machine tool maintenance is very important

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CNC CNC lathe application environment (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool, so it should be strict requirements to achieve machine description installation conditions and requirements stipulated in the installation of machine tools. In the economic conditions permit conditions, should be installed with digital control lathe machining facilities to normal isolation, easy maintenance of CNC machine tools and maintain.

In the use of numerical control lathe, should be used to control the digital control system, the machine tool to lock in the situation, so that it can run. Every day should be energized in the air moist degree larger rainy season, the use of electrical components from self heating digital control cabinet to ensure the moisture, the performance of electronic devices is stable reliable. These positions should know clearly the pressure of the machine mechanical parts, digital control system, power facilities, hydraulic, air and local use of background, processing conditions, and according to the machine and system using the text description of the requirements of accurate use of CNC lathe.

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