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Troubleshooting method of common problems in numerical control lathe operation

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Troubleshooting method of common problems in numerical control lathe operation

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CNC lathe CNC lathe is a comprehensive use of computer technology, automatic control technology, exquisite technology and other advanced technology, the typical mechanical and electrical integration products. The control system is complex and expensive, once the fault happened, a lot of people because of its "high value" for the hundreds of professional maintenance personnel at a distance, please. Waste of manpower and material resources, but also delay the work. In fact, for some common operating problems, as long as the operator is diligent in thinking, good at summing up, pay attention to the accumulation, it is not difficult to find and solve problems. Guangzhou CNC equipment factory production of GSK980T numerical control system as an example, combined with their own time to work experience, will be a number of common operating problems of CNC lathe to introduce a reference for beginners.

One, manual mode, the coordinates of the shaft is not movement

Phenomenon: manual operation, the machine tool coordinate axis does not produce movement, the coordinates of the value is not changed, M, S, T function is executed, the system without warning.

Analysis and solution: the case of failure occurred when the system did not produce an alarm, and the M, S, T function to perform normal, according to the preliminary judgment of CNC system, servo drive, etc.. Therefore, it can be analyzed from the manual condition, carefully check the input of the direction key, the manual direction of the selection, and so on are normal, and then carefully observe the operation of the panel "now position" page, found that the manual rate, the actual rate, feed rate are zero. Confirm that the axis of the coordinate axis does not generate manual movement speed is zero, the rate of re adjustment of the feed rate, manual operation is to resume normal.

Two, automatic operation is not in place

Phenomenon: No. 1 will tip to the workpiece positioning of a known point in the program input mode (MDI) under the correct input of relevant instructions, M instructions, S normal execution, the machine axis motion, CRT screen display the correct position, but the nose is not running to a fixed position, no alarm display system.

Analysis and solution: because the machine tool back to the fixed point operation process, but did not reach the established position. Such failure occurs, usually with the knife repair related. Check up the implementation tool, found the tool cutter compensation function for T0103, No. 1 No. 3 knife knife execution value, lead tip can't run to a fixed position. To enter the T0101 in the input mode (MDI), which is to solve the problem.

Three, thread processing appear irregular pitch

Phenomenon: the numerical control lathe in the processing thread, the thread start section of the pitch is not the rule, that is, the so-called random tooth.

Analysis and solution: on the numerical control lathe machining thread, in fact, the quality of the X axis and the Z axis between the feed interpolation. The random tooth is due to the X axis and the Z axis feed can not be achieved simultaneously, the machine tool servo system itself is caused by the lag of the system itself. GSK980T is the economic numerical control system, the spindle speed of the open loop control, different load, the spindle starting time is different, and the main shaft speed is not stable, the speed will have corresponding changes, thread cutting start is from the detection of the position of the encoder signal after starting, and therefore may lead to X axis and Z axis feed can not achieve synchronization. The above problems can be solved by modifying the program.

1, change the thread processing procedure of the positioning point, so that it is far from the workpiece, so that the spindle rotation speed is not stable change in space, after the tool is the real contact with the workpiece, and then start the thread processing.

2, in the main axis of the rotation of the directive M03, thread machining instructions before increasing the G04 to suspend the instruction, to ensure the stability of the spindle speed, and then start the thread processing.

Four, processing procedures can not be implemented

Phenomenon: CNC lathe machining program after startup, choose a good name, press the automatic operation button, M, S, T function according to the procedure of command execution, change showed no abnormal value of coordinates, but few in karma coordinate movement, action execution procedure.

Analysis and solution: the emergence of such failure, the first thought is to check the feed rate, feed times green is zero, the results show whether normal. Further inspection found that the operation of the machine tool on the panel to lock the button on the lights, turn off each other, the program is normal.

Five, half-way knife

Phenomenon: the process of NC machining in a non standard cutter knife or tip collapse wear affect the machining precision. (this assumes that the 3 non standard cutter knife phenomenon of collapse)

Analysis and solution: this kind of trouble in the operation of CNC lathe is not skilled workers often occur. After failure, we should be immediately followed by pressing the operation panel on the "pause", "reset", "program to zero", "run" button, cancel 3 knife fill, plugged in the tool, 3 knife position reinstall the appropriate measurement of workpiece diameter, somewhere alpha, activate the spindle, with 3 knife the tip gently contact surface, according to the operation panel on the "cutter compensation" button in the tool offset number 103 input X "alpha"; from the tool, stop the spindle, measuring the distance from the origin to the step somewhere in beta, starting with 3 spindle tip gently contact the Taiwan order, according to the operation panel "cutter compensation" button in the tool offset number 103 input "Z beta". The system automatically calculate the reloading after No. 3 repair knife.

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