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Into AMS, ACE company

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Into AMS, ACE company

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In January 2013, in the year 2013 in India International Machine Tool Exhibition and (2013IMTEX&Tooltech) period, on behalf of Chinese machine tool industry association, a group of 6 people, the effects of Ace group of India's largest machine tool manufacturing enterprises located in Bangalore City, three subsidiaries, namely AMS (Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd.), Ace (Ace Designers Ltd.) Company lathe and Pla Gatti (PRAGATI AUTOMATION PVT LTD. automation company).

  一.Ace group profile

 Ace group was established in 1978, is currently the largest CNC machine tool manufacturers in India, the 2012 fiscal year to achieve sales revenue of about US $1 billion 500 million (about yuan), accounting for 30% of domestic airports in India, is a strong technical and industrial enterprises in India. The group consists of 10 subsidiaries, is the core layer of the 5 subsidiaries are: Ace lathe, AMS (machining center), PRAGATI (turret and knife), MICROMATIC grinding technology company (grinder) and MICROMATIC machine tool company (market and service); the other 5 subsidiaries, the main business is: software development, Longmen 5 face milling machine, CNC machine tool features, machining center cutter, fixture, handle and parts.


It can be seen that the Ace group around the CNC lathe, vertical machining center and CNC grinding machine products and other leading products, to build a more perfect functional components, process software development, parts manufacturing and sales service system.

The group's products in India, the main user for the automotive industry, accounting for about 70% of all sales, in which the vertical horizontal machining center in 30% of the products need to provide users with special fixture and processing program. Therefore, the related products of high added value. In addition to serving the domestic users, the group also provides OEM products for Japan, Germany and other international well-known machine tool enterprises, knife tower and knife library and other functional components products into the international well-known companies to provide equipment for the international automotive brands in the world, the international cooperation to promote the Ace group to the international market. At present, the product export, the processing center and numerical control lathe 5% and 10%, more than 50% of the functional components.


  The company was founded in 1994, the main production of vertical and horizontal machining center. The assembly workshop has 6 assembly lines, which are produced by the large, medium and small scale. The product type is divided into two parts, standard type machine tool and special machine tool. In the production organization, the function of the tool base is provided by the PRAGATI company in the group, which is provided by ABM company in the group.

  The main products are: vertical machining center, the main specifications (table x width) 500 x 330 to 2400 x 810. Horizontal machining center, the main specifications (table x width) 400 x 350 to 500 x 500. Vertical horizontal machining center spindle maximum speed 6000r/min (optional 10000r/min), the spindle power between 7.5-15kW, fast moving speed in 40-48m/min. In addition, according to the needs of users can provide to meet the needs of the user parts process special type of machine tools, such as the increase of double spindle, with a switch, four axis linkage, double knife library, etc..  


  The company was founded in 1979, after thirty years of development, has become India's largest CNC lathe manufacturers. Company's products are exported to Brazil, Britain and other countries and regions, the annual export volume accounts for 10% of sales revenue, and in Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Thailand, China and the United States and other countries and regions, with sales and service agencies. The proportion of its exports seems to be small, because India's domestic demand is very strong, can not meet the demand for more.

  The company's main products are: JOBBER series, PERMIUM series, large lathe, CNC lathe, milling machine, CNC lathe compound flat bed lathe, automatic lathe and special machine tools. Maximum turning diameter from phi 270- Phi 800mm, the maximum length of turning from 300-1540mm. Has the function of C axis, automatic feeding system, special-shaped parts Rotary chucks and other special functions and process make the product accessories, is not only suitable for the large number of small and medium sized shaft disc type components production, can also solve the production line design scheme and provide comprehensive processing for users.


There are 8 assembly lines, each assembly line is divided into 8 processes, one day to complete a process, so, a machine tool assembly cycle is 8 days, the assembly line a day's output is 8 machine tools. All assembly line assembly line can be different types of products. If calculated according to 300 working days in one year, the total capacity of the assembly line up to 2400 CNC lathes (the Department).

3, Pla Gatti (PRAGATI) Company

The company was founded in 1974, after 39 years of development, has become a professional knife tower and knife base functional parts manufacturers. The company achieved sales of $2012 in fiscal 26 million, of which exports reached $11 million, close to 50%. At present, the company has four production bases, two in Bangalore, India, one in Mumbai, India, and one in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, china. Jiaxing is located in the Zhejiang Pula Getty machinery limited company with an annual output of 8000 units and 4000 units of turret knife production capacity, mainly for supporting in related machine China sales.


Company's main products are divided into two major categories: knife tower and knife library. Knife tower mainly are: turret, turret, servo turret, and square tower. The knife includes: drum knife, knife, bamboo hat type chain knife, universal knife. In addition, the company also produces power chuck cylinders and processing of various specifications of gear parts etc.. Major products are exported to Europe, America and Asia, and in Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and China set up sales center. 15000 knives and 9000 knives have been sold overseas.

Three. Visit the feeling

1, in order to plant management

Ace group's management level and the overall environment has left a deep impression on us. AMS is known as the garden type factory, whether it is the plant area, or office area, have been planted a large number of flowers and plants, the layout of the garden. Production site management and orderly, employees carry out their duties, reflect a certain level in the production of fine and humanized management. The group enterprise attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, the contents of both international and the concept of the national characteristics of India.

2, international cooperation to accelerate the improvement of the quality of the enterprise

India's English has created a natural advantage for its internationalization. Lower labor costs and a large number of large, high quality of the university graduates, the international company is a strong attraction. Therefore it can be said that the international cooperation of India machine tool is higher, the starting point is also higher. India machine tool enterprise product level, management ability and development potential can not be ignored.

Ace CNC lathe and grinding machine group products for the mainstream international machine tool manufacturer OEM, not only refined products and services, but also expand the international sales channels at low cost; and the knife knife tower features into the supporting system of international well-known company, not only to expand the sales volume and market, through cooperation with advanced machine tools to improve the technical level of product manufacturers.

3, around the leading product construction group business system

Ace group's organization structure is in line with the needs of the market and business, and the requirements and process requirements of the automotive users, around the CNC lathes, machining centers and CNC grinding machine and other leading products, build sales, service, process software development, component manufacturing and core functional components supporting system, meet the group's leading product technology development and quality, cost reduction business needs. Such as the system of the business structure of the system to avoid India's imperfect industrial supporting environment for the group's leading product production and research and development, but also higher added value in the group's internal.

The above points, hoping to provide some reference for the machine tool enterprises in our country.

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