Why Charitable Tours

Our profits go directly back to the local communities you visit. In choosing to contribute to our Charitable Tours you will receive in return a true experience of the real Himachal and the opportunity to give directly to those who need it, a reward in itself.

Our concern for this remote northern location is village empowerment through our charitable tours. Similar to the women's empowerment projects, child education, our work in pabbar valley aims to teach practical skills to the villagers, which they can later use for self-employment.

What is Charitable Tourism?
Our sister NGO Kumharla Yuva Mandal currently seeking ways to create self-sufficiency in their projects; this will be able to happen by creating income generating projects on the ground in their valley, rather than relying on sponsors and donors . There are many reasons why a developmental organizational would take up this approach, the most obvious being that NGO's lack funding from government or international partners, as well as these organizations see the benefit of creating projects on the ground. This sustainable approach creates opportunities and jobs for the local people and generates a more reliable source of funding.

Please do not leave non-biodegradable material like plastic bags and metal cans behind.

Responsible Tourism:
+ Respect local custom and traditions.
+ Respect the local people and ask permission before taking photographs.
+ Encourage our Clients to learn some local words.
+ Support locals by buying their crafts, which encourages skills to live on.
+ Think before giving money to beggars, better to give what they really need, food or cloths etc.
+ Take away any non bio-degradable rubbish.

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