Transport & Communication
The Roads constitute the very life of Pabbar Valley. Road transport is the principal mode of Transportation in this Valley. The Telecommunication sector in Pabbar Valley has taken great strides during the past two decades. Facilities like E-mail, Internet and Cellular services are now available to dial any number in the world. Telephone & Cellular services provides BSNL and Airtel are operational and covering the most Valley.

Postal, speed post & courier services are widely available. Know.

Topographically the Himachal Pradesh state can divided into three Zones. The outer Himalayas or the Shivalik, the inner or middle Himalayas and the great Himalayas or the Alpine zone Pabbar Valley comes in the middle Himalayas or Pirparjal range or with highest peak of 5000 m. This Pabbar Valley has numerous passes which remain snowbound throughout the year. The average rainfall in this zone is about 700 mm. And it is enveloped by dense cedar (deodar ) trees & spruce. Pabbar Valley is rich in flora & fauna, specially herbal plants and is very popular with mountaineers and trekkers. This zone is home to antelopes, bear, rare bharal.

The Climate of Pabbar Valley is largely conditioned by Himalayas Temperature varies according to the attitudes of the regions. It may even touches 35O in the lower altitudes in summer where as the higher mountain regions remains permanently under snow and in some cases temperature may drop below minus 20O C in the winter . The average annual rainfall is between 152-178 cm. The monsoon arrives in mid June & lasts until mid September. Except the higher reaches, the Valley can be visited at any time of the year. Weather in general is pleasant. Cottons & light woolen for summer and heavy woolen & Jacket for winter are suggested. For trekking and camping necessary equipments may be carried. Petrol pumps are at Shimla, Theog, Rohru

Basic Queries
To reach Pabbar Valley, Delhi is the nearest international airport, Shimla, the gateway to Pabbar Valley is directly connected to Delhi & Chandigarh. State owned Indian airline and private Jagson airlines offers regional service to Shimla. Shimla is well connected with pathankot and kalka through a network of the super fast express & the Shatabdi train. The road conditions are generally good in the valley with national.

Health Care
Drink plenty of water, use salt on food and avail extreme exertion in the valley. The case of inset immediately be treated with a local antiseptic or antibiotic cream AROSOL SPRAY on cloths deters insects. To avoidintestinal upsets insists on clean food, boiled water. Carry chlorine tablets to purify water when in doubt.

The Indians system goes tens, thousand, ten thousands, lakhsten lakhs(one millon) and crore.lakh is hundered thousand and core is ten million.

Police and Emergency
In emergency dial police 100, fire 101 and ambulance 102. Reasonable precaution should be observed in keeping record of your vital travel documents. In general, threat to personal security for travelers in Pabbar Valley is rare but be on guard for your valuables. Avoid showing sympathy to someone demanding help because of sudden calamity.

Modesty in conduct is appreciated. Display of intimacy will draw unwanted attention. Indian woman are particularly shy but exude warmth and friendliness. Visitors to Hindu temples are expected to observe customary courtesy specially in clothes and shoes must always be removed outside while entering to inner sanitim of the religious places.

Follow the rules written on the notice boards of the holy places. Contributions should be put inside the donations boxes and try not to touch the carvings or statues of the deity. One Should always be sensitive about taking photos of people specially woman and ceremonies. The greeting when meeting or departing used inversely among the Hindus across this valley "NAMASTE" (palm joined together as in a prayer.

Woman Travellers
It is quite easy and safe for woman to travel in this valley. Simple precautions are to be taken care to avoid harassment. A modest dress covering the shoulders. Skirts or shocks at least knee length is advisable. It is best to accompanied while traveling at night. Lock your door when you are in or out of the room for your security and privacy.

10% is a reaonable amount to be given in hotels and restaurants as tip. Figure are quite modest by international standard.

Driving Regulations
A valid international driving license's necessary for driving a carror motter bike. We Drive on the left on the roads and overtake on the right in India.

There are strict restrictions on photography of military installations, some tribal areas. Variety of film rolls and camera batteries are easily available in this valley.

The Standard voltage throught the valley is 220-240 w.

Hindi, Pahari, and several local dialets. English and Punjabi is also common in town.

The facilities like E-mail and Internety are readity available in this Valley.

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