Enjoy the joy of discovering yourself Charming,appealing, set by mother nature at the confluence of stately cedar woods,myriad orchards,snow clad mountains,simple and loving people this village retreat is so remote yet with in your grasp.Where the only noise you hear are the silent echoes of your thoughts.Set tete-a-tete with yourself,your friends or family and enjoy the proximity.Come and discover your own reason to a

visit to these place. With the tradition of providing the perfect services, outstanding and local cuisine and comfortable rooms, you will find our village retreats fully alive and with the guiding philosophy of warm hospitality. A Perfect stay for travelers who are exploring a whole new visage of mountains.

+ Card table
+ Chess table
+ Carom
+ Trekking
+ Yoga classes
+ Spiritualism
+ Ayurvedic massage

Check out time:12:00 noon.Taxes as applicable.

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