(2510 m 19km from Shimla in the Hindustan - Tibet Road - National Highway 22 ) This has long been famous for its ski slopes and the superb view of the valleys and the snow-clad peaks that surround it. Kufri also has a small zoo. From kufri, through woods of spruce and dedar ( Himalayan cedar ) you can walk a couple of kilometers to the Mahasu peak, where some of the finest vistas unfold.

The peak is crowned by a small village temple.

Fagu - ( 2500m 6km from kufri )
Sit in a mountain saddle this is perfect stopover for someone who would simple like to soak in the views and savoir the serenity. Accommodation - Hotel Peach Blossom.

Theog - ( 2351m 10km from fagu )
A small but busting settlement, it rests where the road to the Pabbar valley branches off the national highway. The banthia devta temples of Janaga with exemplary woodcarvings are barely a kilometer from Theag. The panel and freestanding carving include the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu, a ten-headed ravana and Devi Durga as Mahishastura Mrdini - the slayer of the demon mahisha.

Kotkhai - ( 1525m 19km from chaita )
"peaceful and prosperous" is how this important horticultures area is often characterized. The considerable natural beauty of the area is enhanced by the presence of apple, cherry and apricot orchards. A Himachal is often called "the frost bowl of India : and produce 40% of the apples grown in the country. A considerable quantity comes from the Kotkhai - Rohru belt. Floriculture is making rapid strides, and fields of roses, gladioli, carnations and lilium enhances the area's beauty. The rivers Giri races by Kotkhai and legend has it that this gashed out of kupar peak that lies above Kotkhai when a holy man struck the ground with pair of sacred tongs during a time of draught. Accommodation at Kotkhai - Basic hotels & rest house.

Khara Pathar - (2773m 24km from Kotkhai)
A the name indicates, " Khara Pathar " has huge free standing egg-shaped bouldes Woin smooth by acons of erosion, this is a remarkable natural wonder of the area. This point also seems to mark the edge of the ridge, for after this the steady decent to the Pabbar valley begins. Accommodation at Khara Pathar.

Jubbal - (1892m 9km from Khara Pathar)
The once held the ruling seat of the princely state with the same name. One of the most important "Hill station", its erstwhile rulers trace their lineage to ancient kannauj. Rising dramatically above the banks of Baishkutti stream, Jubbal has a superbly maintained palace which was designed by a French architect in the 1930;s and is remarkable mix European and indigenous style picturesque to the point of perfections, the Jubbal area also has has same splendid temples. The high tower like temple of piri Devi is an excellent example of local craftsmanship. Accommodation -Rest house & basic hotels.

Hatkoti - (1400m 20km from Jubbal )
Hatkoti was the simmer capital of the rulers of the ancient kingdom Hatkoti has some ancient temples and sculptures of which the temples along the Pabbar river dedicated to Durga and Shiva occupy an important place. Legend has it that the two sisters of Jubble Valley in the past together renounced the world and devoted themselves to service of mankind.

Rohru - (1500m 11km from Hatkoti )
This is small but bustling town that lies by the banks of Pabbar. And of an area whose people are renowned for their beauty, it is but appropriate that the tract they inhabit should have its fair share of natural attraction; the valley near Rohru, has a garland of attractive spots.

Chirgaon - (15km from Rohru )
Scenically enchanting, chirgaon has the trout hatchery. Good fishing spots in the area are - seema, mandil, sandhsu, tikre and dhamvari, larot is another attractive spot near chirgaon. This is the base for tracks to dodra kwar, the Baspa ( Sangla Valley ) , to rampur or sarahav via taklesh and to niche. Accommodation - rest houses included log cabins.

Like the resplendent crown for a noble face, the snow clad chanshal range rises above the Pabbar Valley. At 4220m , the chanshal pass - which remains open from may to october - is the link to Dodra kwwar. the Chanshal area aslo has some excellent ski slopes.

Dodra Kwar
The village of Dodra and kwar are separated by afew kilometers, still unconnected by a motorable road, this pocket retains a pristine beauty. There are countless wild flowers and medicinal herbs, thick woods of flowering rhododendron, cedar and birch, waterfafalls and fast flowing streams. And all this is set aganist a majestich backdrop of high peaks like sharangcha. The 45km trek from tikre to kwar is via larot, chanshal, gajyani-Thach, kalapani, Dodra & gaon piyarle then over the Ropin stream gujangu, before kwar. Accommodation - Rest houses or camp.

Other Attractions
Rana of balsan's palace at Ghoina and palace of Parala, Temple at balag, Manan , Gijari and kiyari. Remains of the fort at Rawingarh.

At one time this area formed a part of what was known as "Mahasu district". This was perhaps the only administrative division in India to be name after a deity and not a place. The cult of mahasu stems from the legend of the Four brothers - Basak, Pibasak. Baitha and Chalda - collectively known as Mahasu". They rose from a specially forrowed field to give protection when the people were threatened and tortured by demons. Especially in the western portion of this track, the worship of Mahasu is still popular, and several temples are dedicated to them; some are at Mahasu (near Kotkhai), gijari (near thoog) and at pauriya (near chopal).

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